Monday, October 14, 2013

Teal We Meet Again

Was reluctant to wake up this morning with the rain heavily pitter-pattering outside my window!! Took me a while for me to finally leave my bed and get the morning started.
Since the weather was so chilly, I decided to put this outfit on to keep me cozy throughout the day.
The showstopper for this outfit is the pair of magnificent NODA open-toe heel pump from Zalora and the cute teal bag (stock no longer available so you might wana try something similar here , plenty of choices too!!) Unfortunately for me, Singapore does not have the 4 seasons because for I felt that this look is perfect for fall and even winter!! Simply put a scarf around the neck and you will be ready to get going ;p

Hope that you guys will like it!!




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    1. aaww..thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment! :)