Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Denim on Denim Days

Honestly I find this outfit a little too warm for our Singapore climate. 
However, it is perfect for a drizzly day, a chilly morning and it is kinda cute for a gathering with friends. And seriously I LOVE these denim skirt!! The oversized denim jacket from ASOS (not sure if the jacket is still available though) is lovely as well.  It is SUPER comfortable and I love to wear it on days when I feel like 'showing-off' my legs. The pair of Tan Nuback Ballet pumps are from Rubi and they are also extremely comfy to wear. I can play netball in these!! (was a netball player since sec school to uni days ;p)
So ladies, if you have been working real hard out in the gym and wanna show off your toned legs, this is a great outfit to be in!! 


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