Friday, October 18, 2013

Something Girly

There is nothing like lace for a girly girl's charm and sweetness! 

This outfit is perfect for a gathering, movie, shopping or simply a dinner date. I'm sssooo smitten with the lovely off-shoulder, lace top from Makmaks (a Korean blogshop or you can purchase via Qoo10 here) It's made of chiffon and really comfortable to be in!! 

And who says being girly means you gotta be in a skirt? For ladies who are not so comfortable in skirts, this pair of pale pink jeggings will be just suitable for ya ;)

Furthermore, to complete the look, I am wearing this gorgeous pair of earth-toned wedges (plenty of similar design available here ) .

Since white is a neutral kinda colour, just be daring to mix and match a pair of pants or skirt with it. Good luck and have fun, ladies ;)


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