Sunday, September 29, 2013

Green on Leather

Lovely Sunday!!

I was thinking of wearing something real comfy, cooling and yet I rummage through my wardrobe and TA-DA!! This was the outfit that I put together. A loose teal/green loose top from Peniwern (unfortunately, clothes are only available in stores) with Forever 21 Faux leather shorts. Love the look here, hope you guys will love it!!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Love Spell

Hey hey...

Sorry for the belated post. Was really busy over the week. 
Here is a casually-chic outfit featuring a star-studded denim top and a red skater skirt.

Puuuuurrrfect for a movie date, barbecue party, lunch-time catch-up etc etc. And most of all, it is sooo comfy I can wear this outfit whole day!!

Hope you like it! Photo credits to oneclickwonders


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday!!!

This is the perfect outfit for occasions like barbecue, shopping on a very hot day, a walk at the beach etc etc featuring a Paul-Smith sleeveless muscle tank, denim shorts and a really cute shoulder bag. ALL FROM PHUKET EXPO/WEEKEND market at prices ranging from 100 baht to 350 baht.

Hope that you will like it!!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Laid-Back Leather Friday


TGIF again!! Can't believe a week has past since I came back from Phuket. Having some sort of 'love sickness' this is a laid-back look for a casual Friday date featuring the crochet top with leather leggings. 

The highlights of this outfit is the LEATHER BAG FROM PHUKET WEEKEND MARKET!! (at only 220 baht = sgd $10) and the synthetic leather pumps at the same price!!.

Hope that you will like this!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

More on Day 1/2 at Phuket

As I promised, this post will be merely on the highights of the second day (we arrived at Phuket in the night so technically speaking it should be the first day..oh well). 


We had a quick breakfast in a cozy cafe along the street next to Patong beach. 
Thereafter, we went to the nearest mall called Jungceylon for a cooler shopping experience. Guess what?
We found this shop called Takashi which is a Japanese concept of doing facial (at 299 baht = SGD $12!! OMG RIGHT?!) Girls who need to cleanse their face after all the crazy shopping, I will strongly recommend this shop to you. The express facial was done in only 30 minutes and I would say that the service is pretty good ;)

Check out the pics below!!


We had a fabulous seafood lunch at this restaurant called "Pak Nam Seafood". It is very popular among the locals and so after 17 km drive from our hotel, we finally arrived at this place. The recommended time to go is 12pm- 4pm because after 4pm, the place will fill up real quickly!!

We had clams, minced pork omelette and the best part of the meal was the Thai-styled fried fish. It was fantastic!! Salivating just thinking of it

Late afternoon

After the hearty meal, we made our way to the Expo Fair at Phuket Square (just 2.3km from Pak Nam seafood restaurant). Ladies, if you are a shoe addict, this is THE place for you to go. There all types of shoes here!! Sneakers, boots, ballerina pumps, flats, high heels, stilettos, sandals everything!!!!
Shoes are going at a starting price of 120 baht (SGD $6 only). Here are just some pictures of the shoes I fell in love at first sight...


Enough of the 5.30 pm, we decided that it was time to leave before we wipe out whatever money we had brought along. We drove for another 15 km to this place called Tung Ka cafe with a beautiful view of the sun setting.
We arrived at around 6 plus, just in time to catch the sunset and took these photos

We ordered two simple dishes i.e. crabmeat green curry and hokkien noodle. Aside from those dishes, I had a glass of Strawberry Honey yoghurt which was so refreshing and delicious.
I would give the crabmeat green curry a thumbs up and recommend that you try it. The crabmeat is in abundance and the curry was bursting with flavour...yum yum.. the noodles on the other hand was just so-so..not their specialty perhaps? Oh well..

Neon Series


I just gotta share some highlights of my trip in Phuket with you!! In this post, the outfit that I am wearing is a
neon green top (going at 120 baht = SGD $6 from Phuket Square Expo market), denim (100 baht = SGD $4) and the neon green hand-woven bracelets from OTOP at (100 baht = SGD $4). The "love pink" bag was at SGD$10!! What a steal!!  Fantastic combination.. (at least I feel that way).

General Information about the trip:
1) Accomodation : Centra Ashlee Hotel (Very strategic location for beaches and shopping)
2) Transport: We rented a Nissan March (1.2 CC) at 2480 baht (about SGD$104) for 4 days 3 nights..really worth!!) We used "Sygic" (an app) to navigate out way throughout Phuket.

3) Sightseeing: Many viewpoints and beaches to see (will share some great place to chill out in the next post)

4) Shopping: - OTOP (just beside the hotel)
                    - Phuket Square Expo Market (Air-conditioned)
                    - Phuket Town Weekend Market 
                      (Goods here are GOING AT WHOLESALE PRICES..A SHOPPING HAVEN!! 
                       Will share in the next post)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green vs Red


Just came back from a fruitful and amazing trip to Phuket, Thailand. Had great food, great weather and beautiful (yet cheap) clothings!! 

This is the newest post of me in a neon green bikini (250 baht = SGD $10), red crochet top (200 baht = SGD$8) and a straw hat (150 baht = SGD $6). All the pieces were bought (impromptu inspiration) from the OTOP market along Patong beach. Will be sharing more interesting highlights of my trip soon!!

Stay tuned!!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Monochrome Saturdate

The weekends are finally here!! It has been really chilly recently in Singapore and so I decided that it will be the perfect time to wear this gorgeous leather leggings from Qoo10 (you can access the link at the bottom of the post), gold-studded chiffon top with my Burberry.

With the recent rain in Singapore, guess this outfit will keep me warm for the late afternoon and evening ;)
Hope you will like it!!


Leather leggings from

Friday, September 6, 2013

Casual Friday

Casual Friday

Hey there!

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!!!! Really excited to share this post with you guys featuring a white lace top from Qoo10 (Starblink) and a pair leopard print pumps from Ruby. Since it has been raining non-stop since morning, I thought that the weather was cool enough to don this white lace top as it is a little thick to keep me warm throughout the evening. 

I really LOVE it with my usual denim shorts and a red lip to bring out the casual yet chic-kind-of-aura. To add to the fun, I wore a couple of bracelets to add on to the 'casualness' of the outfit!!

Hope you guys will like it too!! ;)


Make it Bling!

Make it Bling!


It's been a few days since I last posted an outfit. This is the newest one!!

How do you like this interesting mix of apparel/accessory? Basically, I have this huge gold bling bling necklace that is too big to look nice on any dress or top for daily casual look. 

Coincidentally, I had to attend a dinner with a theme “Bling Bling”. This made me rummage through my wardobe and realise that this ‘useless’ piece of accessory can actually be the perfect piece for my night. Surpisingly, it looked alright with my toga!!

Finally,I can remove it from cold this outfit. Do you? Let me know!!

1. Toga from Qoo10 Shinee Shop
2. Bling Bling Necklace from Chameleon


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Floral Chic

Greetings again!!

Feeling the blues on Monday? Meeting a group of friends and you just wanna wear something simple with a touch of classy feeling? Here is another casual yet chic look that I've put together featuring a blue floral print pants, Navy blue loose top from Qoo10's online store (Starblink), classy shoulder bag and Calvin Klein watch. The metallic, silver sandals were bought from Mimosa and they are not too high and sssoooooo comfy!!

Simple, easy and comfortable!!


Who's that Yellow Fellow?


This is my second post of my OOTD. Just last month I came across this really funky "New York City" yellow maxi dress at the Pasar Malam next to Woodlands Causeway Point, I fell in love with it on the first sight and thankfully I grabbed it in time as it was the last piece!! It was worth the buy as it costs only SGD$20. The pink canvas bag was also bought in a night market at Pasar Borong Pandan (a night market in Johor Bahru) at only RM$20!! Indeed, it was a steal. Not forgetting the minion plush toy in my hand which I bought from Qoo10 at SGD$11.70 (including shipping). Put them altogether and this is the look for the day!!.

Really like the overall look of this outfit. Thanks to my boyfriend who took these pictures for me! Hope you will like it too!