Sunday, October 27, 2013

Polka Dot Mesh

I was just trying to be funky when I put these pieces together for this look. 
The rose polka dots are sort of romantic yet adding a cheeky feel to this A line pencil skirt from Skirt Collection. Coupled with the interesting mix of a white top with mesh sleeve from ML Story, I guess this outfit is kinda like.... a classy, funky....mesh (I mean "mess")? Lol...
Everything kinda looks a little messy so I decided to tone the outfit down with a classy pair of black pointy heels (similar one by Steve Madden) . Guess this look can be great for a Friday dress down look, no?


Friday, October 25, 2013

Falling for Reigndeers

This outfit is specially put together because I know that summer is over and autumn is here for other countries. Am really envious of those who live in countries with the 4 seasons!! Singapore is ever so warm, it is totally impossible to wear this outfit. However, since I will be going to Jiu Zhai Gou (China) in December with temperature as low as 3 to 16 degree celsius, I guess this outfit will be just right for me (crossing my fingers). 
Ok, enough talk about the weather, let's talk about the outfit. The really cute navy, blue reigndeer sweater is from MissySweetQ and the faux leather leggings with an edgy zipper is from Forever 21 (find a similar one here). Love this pair of gorgeous military boots from Velvet (mine have platforms and are currently out of stock but this are of the same design just that the soles aren't platforms ) which are perfect with the leggings.

Ladies in Singapore, if you are going somewhere cold for the December hols, hope that this piece of outfit can inspire you ;)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Lithesome Lilac

Was out shopping when I decided to take a few shots of this cute little lilac dress. 
"Pretty" , "simple" and "cute" were the words that came to my mind when I saw this little lilac dress from Angel City. It is perfect for a lazy afternoon tea or a trip to the nearby mall for an errand or something - no needa worry too much about what other piece(s) to go with the dress. Just pair it with an accessory like a watch or a chunky necklace and you are good to go ;)

These pics are sorta impromptu , nevertheless, I hope that you will like it :)


Friday, October 18, 2013

Something Girly

There is nothing like lace for a girly girl's charm and sweetness! 

This outfit is perfect for a gathering, movie, shopping or simply a dinner date. I'm sssooo smitten with the lovely off-shoulder, lace top from Makmaks (a Korean blogshop or you can purchase via Qoo10 here) It's made of chiffon and really comfortable to be in!! 

And who says being girly means you gotta be in a skirt? For ladies who are not so comfortable in skirts, this pair of pale pink jeggings will be just suitable for ya ;)

Furthermore, to complete the look, I am wearing this gorgeous pair of earth-toned wedges (plenty of similar design available here ) .

Since white is a neutral kinda colour, just be daring to mix and match a pair of pants or skirt with it. Good luck and have fun, ladies ;)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back To The Basics

It's hump day again!! Colours are what makes our world beautiful, but sometimes, I feel that going back to the monochrome shades can be wonderful as well. Black and white can work magic if you do know how to
match the pieces together, just like the outfit I was in today!!

The black jeggings are from ASOS , they are stretchable and super comfortable!! Furthermore, the design is also office-friendly, so I felt that it was worth the investment :) The highlight of the outfit is the stylish, lace-back cardigan that I bought from Qoo10 at less than SGD 20, quite a steal !! I love how the nude -earth tones of the Burberry Tote bag (a birthday gift from my mom)and my heels (click here for a similar style available at Zalora) stand out from the monotonous colours of my outfit. For ladies who are daring enough, you can also try pops of pink instead of just the earth-tones to spice up your outfit!!

That's all for now ;p


Monday, October 14, 2013

Teal We Meet Again

Was reluctant to wake up this morning with the rain heavily pitter-pattering outside my window!! Took me a while for me to finally leave my bed and get the morning started.
Since the weather was so chilly, I decided to put this outfit on to keep me cozy throughout the day.
The showstopper for this outfit is the pair of magnificent NODA open-toe heel pump from Zalora and the cute teal bag (stock no longer available so you might wana try something similar here , plenty of choices too!!) Unfortunately for me, Singapore does not have the 4 seasons because for I felt that this look is perfect for fall and even winter!! Simply put a scarf around the neck and you will be ready to get going ;p

Hope that you guys will like it!!



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rose, rose, I love you

A simple and chic dress that features my favourite flower - roses!
Though I feel that this dress is more appropriate for the Chinese New Year (If you notice, the collar is high, tight fitting and hooked-closed just like the traditional  qipao) the designed is pretty mordernised and suitable to be worn even as an evening dress or a 
cocktail party.This dress was bought pretty long ago as well from Bugis street and I have only worn it once. Was rummaging through my closet one day and I found it.
So here are some pictures of this outfit.

Hope that you will like it!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Leopard Print Tease

I gotta admit, I have been having this craze over animal print apparels recently. I used to think that such prints are only suitable for women of a certain age group and will never look great on me. 
Stepping out of my comfort zone really helped alot and this is a small step/effort I took to put these pieces together. Featuring a Faux leopard fur punk skull gem finger clutch , this pair of lovely boots and not forgetting the highlight of the outfit i.e.  Leather jacket with leopard print inner lining which I bought from Taiwan (but there is a similar one at ASOS).

Hope you like it!!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Denim on Denim Days

Honestly I find this outfit a little too warm for our Singapore climate. 
However, it is perfect for a drizzly day, a chilly morning and it is kinda cute for a gathering with friends. And seriously I LOVE these denim skirt!! The oversized denim jacket from ASOS (not sure if the jacket is still available though) is lovely as well.  It is SUPER comfortable and I love to wear it on days when I feel like 'showing-off' my legs. The pair of Tan Nuback Ballet pumps are from Rubi and they are also extremely comfy to wear. I can play netball in these!! (was a netball player since sec school to uni days ;p)
So ladies, if you have been working real hard out in the gym and wanna show off your toned legs, this is a great outfit to be in!!