Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fluff Bakery and Cake Madness

It's been chilly the entire morning till noon but not here at Fluff Bakery!! Their cupcakes are selling like My friend had always wanted to try the cupcakes here at this Halal bakery since awhile ago and we finally mustered the courage to brave the lunch time crowd and the long queue for these pretty little things!!

Flavours from from left to right: 1) Nutella Hazelnut Brittle 2) Nutella Red Velvet 3) Strawberry Thyme (right top) 4) Salted Caramel (right bottom)

The bakery is located at Jalan Pisang (somewhere in Arab Street) and its signboard is a cute, teal outline of a lacey circle that looks like this:
They are usually open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm - 3pm (because their cupcakes are sold out!!) The cupcakes are sold at $4 each and the flavours are varied on different days and the menu that they had the day I went was this:
Look at all those pretty cakes on display and the queue!!

What's really good is the cream cheese that is generously spread on top of the cupcake. Its not buttery that will leave you feeling gelat or overwhelmed after eating he entire cupcake. The banana and strawberry are made with real fruit puree which complements the softness of the cupcake.

I tried the slice of Banana cake with Nutella cream!! To my delight, it is filled with chunky banana slices, and dark chocolate ganache. The surprise element - pretzel crumbs generously spread on top to give the cake an extra OMPF!! Banana-chocolate lovers, you will go gaga over this cake. Trust me ;)

That's all for now :D
Hope you liked this post!!

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  1. Those cupcakes look scrumptious!! I am now craving for cupcakes and the only place I know that are good would be Sprinkles which are $3.50 for one :(