Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Ideas for Couples

It's been a really long while since I last posted an outfit. I have been really tied up with so many things I barely have time for myself. Anyway, this is a post for couples out there who need some ideas for the upcoming Christmas festive season.

I had a sudden urge to bake but don't have the utensils needed to do so. As I know this might be a sudden craze (and I'm pretty certain I will get over it soon) I don't see the need to purchase those equipment. So I decided to sign up at Jia Lei Confectionery Training Centre which is located at Block 1 Rochor Road (next to the Bugis village). I signed up for the X'mas log cake deco lesson with my boyfriend which lasted for 2 hours at $55 per person!! They have other recipes ranging from curry puffs to the upcoming Christmas bread design!!

Compared to the rates in other places, this is about half the price  :D 
So if you are running out of ideas for a Christmas gift for your other half, why not consider signing up for a baking or cooking class? It's really fun and romantic at the same

Do check out these pics for a glimpse of my fruitful lesson with Teacher Huang

P.S It happens to be my boyfriend's birthday so I made a stuck-out card and poke it into the log cake as well ;p cool idea right?
Hope you enjoy reading my post!!


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