Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Alpha's the beginning


Avaline here and if you happen to be reading this post, really hope that it brings about inspiration to other fashion bloggers out there. How do I begin? Hmm...well let's just say that I have always been a girl of low profile and people don't really notice me a lot till later on in the University. 

I am hardly interested in fashion till lately when I come across some fashion bloggers' instagram pics which really inspire me to start REVAMPING MY WARDROBE! Lol.. so I begin by taking selfies in my OOTD aka outfit of the day using my own handphone, sorting my clothes out to see which are the ones that I can or cannot wear anymore (I never knew I had so many outfits till only then). That's when I realised that I actually can mix and match so many of my clothes to create various interesting outfits! How cool is that? 

My fashion style is somewhat simple yet sometimes bold. I love bright colours and I'm not really the type that wears only black or white. So if you share the same 'colour taste' as me (and even if you don't) I hope that the coming posts will be of help to you! 
I don't really have any high expectations of being a well-known blogger. I'm doing this for the passion for fashion ;p 

Hope to be able to post more pictures stay tune!!


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